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Kailua-Kona Ironman Car Rental

The time for the Kailua-Kona Ironman is fast approaching. In 2011 there were just under 2,000 entrants and many more supporters and volunteers . This year the number of participants is on track to break last year’s record and the number of visitors will also increase.

This is a very exciting and exceptionally busy time for the Big Island for the weeks preceding and following the event. Accommodations and rental vehicles are fast becoming hard to find.

Car rentals already are in heavy demand and availability is getting scarce which means that the rates are going to increase day by day till no rental vehicles are left. Many car rental companies have increased their Big Island Hawai’i (Kona and Hilo) rates for the period between October 4th to October 14th.

Anyone visiting the Big Island during this time has hopefully already reserved their vehicle. If not then now is the time to head over to Discount Hawaii Car Rental to get the cheapest rate.

During the Ironman events there will be numerous road closures that may affect your travel plans and the organizers of the Ironman have kindly provided all planned road closures online.

For more about the Kailua-Kona Ironman see

For information and maps for road closures for the 2012 Ironman Keiki Dip ‘n Dash and Parade of Nations on October 9th see

For information and maps for road closures for the 2012 Hawaii Big Island Ironman from October 11th to October 14 2012 see

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Jeep Wrangler???? Best place to rent? › Kauai

Another thing about Discount Hawaii Car Rental......

When you rent through them it's all handled just like any other car rental through one of the major companies. You take the shuttle right to that companies office and present your reservation, just as if you booked directly. Their system will show that Discount Hawaii acted as your broker on your reservation and they get a commission, just as any travel agent does on airfare. You do not deal with any Discount employee , or office, once you get to Kauai. But of course you can call them if you run into any problems and they'll contact the rental company on your behalf.

So if you have any concerns about how it works when you arrive, no need to worry.

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Big Island Hawaii Ironman 2011 Discounts

Big Island Hawaii Ironman 2011

2011 Rohto Ironman

The 2011 Rohto Ironman will take place on Saturday, June 4, 2011 and will consist of a 1.2-mile swim at Hapuna Beach State Park, a 56-mile bike to Hawi and back to Mauna Lani Resort, and a 13.1-mile run entirely within the resort grounds. Around 1,600 athletes from all over the world are expected to enter this year.

Discount Ironman Accommodations - Book Early and Save

The Fairmont Orchid, in addition to being a sponsor is offering athletes traveling to the Big Island for the Rohto Ironman 70.3 Hawaii advantage of a very special book early and save promotion. Great room rates will still be available after December 31, 2010, but to take advantage of the resort credit, room reservations must be confirmed prior to December 31, 2010.

Book a minimum of 4 consecutive room nights under the Ironman group block and receive a $100 resort credit! This offer is valid for reservations confirmed prior to December 31, 2010 and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or offers and must be blocked under the Rohto Ironman Rate booked through passkey located at: or by calling The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii at 800-441-1414 and ask for the Rohto Ironman 70.3 Hawaii rate code: IMHIX.

Discount Ironman Car Rental Rates

Avoid the outrageous car rental rates that will be in effect once we get closer to the event date. Ensure your Discount Ironman Rates by booking early. Convenient car rental locations are located at the Kona and Hilo International Airports providing for airport pickup and return. For those lucky enough to enjoy a few extra days in Honolulu, there are car rental locations located at the Honolulu International Airport and in the Waikiki Resort area where shuttle services are provided to all the Waikiki Resorts and Hotels. The discount car rental rates are not limited to race participants and are open to all. Home Page

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Hawaii Opihi - The Fish of Death

Hawaii Opihi - The Fish of Death

A Opihi gatherer was overpowered by rough surf just off of north Molokai.(1)

Opohi (Hawaiian Limpet(2)) is a highly prized traditional Hawaiian delicacy. They inhabit Hawaii's intertidal and shallow sub tidal shores where they cling to the rocks, this is where the surf is roughest. Native Hawaiians call the Opihi “the fish of death” because so many people were swept out to sea while trying to pry it off the rocks.

There are 3 edible species(3) of the 5 species(4) found on the Hawaiian islands. State fishing regulations allow collecting of limpets, provided that their shell diameter is at least 1.25 inches or that the diameter of the shellfish's foot is 1/2 inch.

The Opihi is now itself endangered due to overharvesting and environmental impacts(5) and harvesters now have to venture further into the most rugged areas.

One of the few places you can try Opihi is at Helena's Hawaiian Food in Honolulu(6)

Scientists fear that the largest and most prized species of the hardy opihi may be extinct on O'ahu.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mauna Kea's Keck Finds Exoplanet in Goldilocks Zone

Mauna Kea's Keck Finds Exoplanet in Goldilocks Zone

The W.M. Keck Observatory on the Big Island Hawaii has been observing the red dwarf star Gliese 581 for 11 years and yesterday R. Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington announced that they discovered the first exoplanet, a planet outside our Solar System, inhabiting the Goldilocks Zone of a star. The Goldilocks Zone is an habitable area neither too hot or cold for liquid water to exist and therefore may be able to sustain life within the confines of our understanding of biological systems. The presence of water could not be confirmed given our current technological limitations.

The Gliese 581 solar system differs greatly from our own in that the star is much smaller and much colder and the newly discovered planet, Gliese 581 G, is 3 to 4 times larger than earth. In addition the system is about twice as old as our solar system.

To visit the Mauna Kea Observatory itself I would recommend a commercial tour or limit your excursion to the Visitor Information Station of the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy at the 9,000-foot level on the Mauna Kea access road. Standard rental vehicles cannot cope with the steep, unpaved road that extends beyond the Visitor Information Station and the major national car rental companies prohibit off-road use. Avis and Budget also restrict Saddle Road which leads to the paved road at Mile 28 that winds its way up to the lower slopes of Mauna Kea to the Visitor Information Station.

Mauna Kea Links

Visiting Mauna Kea Observatories -

Licensed Mauna Kea Commercial Tour Operators -

Monday, September 20, 2010

Honolulu International Airport Food Court Renovation

Renovations to the Food Court at the Honolulu International Airport have now been completed. New merchants now include California Pizza Kitchen, Kona Brewing Co, Chow Mein Express and Pinkberry.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Lower Hawaii Car Rental Rates

Budget has released new lower discount rates for a limited time. Take advantage at Discount Hawaii Car Rental now.

Double Bonus Air Miles

Delta is offering double bonus air miles for any nonstop flight to or from Honolulu for flights between Sept 14 and Nov 1 2010.

New Delta Airlines & Hawaiian Airlines SkyTeam Partner Agreement

Hawaiian Airlines entered into the SkyTeam Partner agreement with Delta Airlines that permits customers to earn and redeem air miles for travel on either airline.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hawaii Photo Contest

Gather Your Hawaii Pictures Now!

CIH Ventures LTD has announced a free monthly Hawaii photo contest beginning September 1, 2010.

Share your Aloha experience in paradise and win one of two beautiful photography books entitled Hawaii Dreamscapes Reveled, published by Wizard Publications for your photo submission.

Hawaii is a paradise and now you can view and share this paradise with your friends. These collections of astonishing photographs showcases a land of unmatched beauty and diversity.

Photo Contest Sponsors

CIH Ventures LTD in association with is offering this contest in order to promote Hawaiian tourism and educate the general public of the incomparable beauty of nature in Hawaii.

Contest Prizes Offered

Hawaii Dreamscapes Reveled

“Full-color picture book would make a special gift for anyone who loves the Big Island... Mesmerizing photos splash across the pages.” -- Wanda Adams, Honolulu Advertiser

“Captures the drama and beauty of the Big Island... especially engaging collection of photographs...” -- Honolulu Star Bulletin

This series of books are authored by Andrew Doughty and co-photographed with Leona Boyd and includes a foreword by leading Hawaiian scholar Rubellite Kawena Kinney Johnson.

  • Hawaii Dreamscapes Revealed - Big Island

Revisit paradise in Big Island Hawai'i style. Starting from the majestic snow-covered peak of the dormant volcano Mauna Kea, the highest peak in the State of Hawaii and the highest mountain in the world when measured from its base at the bottom of the pacific ocean, to sunsets silhouetting palm trees against an orange speckled ocean. 156 pages containing dazzling scenic photographs. Scenes from John Palmer Parker's cattle ranch, the second largest cattle ranch in the US and the biggest ranch in Hawaii. See Big Island's waterfalls, some of the world's grandest, many of which unfortunately have restricted access due to their locations. Aerial views of delicate fern-covered valleys sandwiched between volcanic peaks. View the fauna of Big Island's tropical rainforests, floating mists elevated two miles into the sky, luminescent lava flows from much closer than what anyone would ever dare to venture due to the searing heat and much more fantastic imagery. Share the experiences of professional photographer artists who were able to venture to places far removed from any beaten path.

  • Hawaii Dreamscapes Revealed - Kaua'i

Revisit paradise Kauai style. Starting from the majestic pinnacles of Mount. Kawaikini, the highest point on Kauai and Mount Waialeale, the wettest place on earth, to Kaua'i's surrounding lush coastline's ocean reefs. 156 pages containing dazzling scenic photographs. Enjoy spectacular scenes from within the Waimea Canyon, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, stand on the barren peak of Mount Waialeale looking down on the surrounding landscapes without getting wet, scuba dive underwater caves, marvel at scenic attractions along the world famous Na Pali Coast, wonder at aerial views of delicate fern-covered valleys sandwiched between volcanic peaks and view the fauna of Kaua'i's tropical rainforests, hike the rugged coastal trails. Share the experiences of professional photographer artists who were able to venture to places far removed from any beaten path.

Hawaii Photo Contest Location

You may view submitted photos taken in Hawaii and submit your entries at

Two winners will be selected on a monthly bases. No purchase is required and there is no advertising to interrupt your viewing pleasure.

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Maui Zip Line Tours

Maui Zip Line Tours

Just Live offers 3 Zip Line Tours.

1. Zipline TreeTop Tour - An amazing zipline canopy experience that combines zipping high above the treetops with unique and exciting bridge walks. Enjoy 7 zipline runs (up to 800’ in length!) and 5 bridge crossings as you soar through the canopy of Kauai’s silent giants, a grove of 200 foot tall Norfolk pine trees. Gliding 60 - 80 feet above the ground you will be able to experience life from a bird’s eye view. Come explore and have the ride of a lifetime. Once you are up in the trees you stay in the trees! Fly through the forest over pine, mango, eucalyptus, bamboo, and native plant and bird life. Mountain views are outstanding! Ecology narratives included. This thrilling and impressive tree top tour is sure to be etched in your memory forever. 3 hours. Ages 9 & up. 70 – 265 lbs.

2. Wikiwiki Zip Tour - Wikiwiki Zip Tour The Wikiwiki (‘quick’ in Hawaiian) Zip Tour is exciting, beautiful and a shorter version of our Zipline Treetop Tour. Enjoy 3 zipline runs and 3 bridge crossings. 2 out of the 3 zips are over 700’ long! Launching from atop old sugar cane fields you will zip past eucalyptus and bamboo landing high in an amazing Norfolk pine forest. Mountain views are incredible! Ecology narratives included. If you want a great zipline tour but don’t have much time the Wikiwiki Zip Tour is perfect. 2 hours. Ages 9 & up. 70 – 265 lbs.

3. Zipline Eco-Adventure - 3 Ziplines! 3 Bridges! Rappelling! Monster Swing! Rock Wall Climbing! Kauai’s most unique and thrilling eco-adventure tour is packed with adventure and adrenaline. The Zipline Eco-Adventure combines the Wikiwiki Zip Tour with 3 exhilarating activities. After the fantastic Wikiwiki Zip Tour you go Rappelling in 150’ tall Norfolk Pine trees.You can choose to rappel from a 50’ platform or a 100’ platform! Get ready for the ride of your life on our 60’ Monster Swing and conquer the 60’ Rock Climbing Wall. All of this while enjoying the beauty and magic of the forest and mountain scenery around you. If you love heart-pounding adventure this tour is for you. All activities on this adventure tour are optional. However, we encourage and challenge you to embrace the adventure and experience them all. 4 hours. Ages 9 & up. 70 – 250 lbs.


Skyline Eco Adventures offers 2 Zip Line Tours

Haleakala Skyline Tour - The Haleakala Skyline Tour, located on Maui, Hawaii is Skyline Eco-Adventures original zipline tour and the first zipline adventure to open in the United States. Located on the slopes of Maui's world famous Haleakala volcano, just minutes from the entrance to Haleakala National Park, this tour is a perfect activity to include on any visit to beautiful upcountry Maui, and will be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. The Haleakala Skyline Tour combines five picturesque zipline crossings and an Indiana Jones style swinging bridge through a towering forest in upcountry Maui. Learn about Hawaii's environmental riches, and Maui's long ranching history as you fly through the trees on this one-of-a-kind adventure. Each zipline crossing gets longer and more exciting as guests progress through the tour, so that by the end even more timid guests are whooping and hollering on the thrilling zipline that finishes the adventure. A great excursion that is just over an hour from Maui's South Shore where Kihei, Wailea, and Makena Resorts are located – the Haleakala Skyline tour is just about fifteen minutes from upcountry Maui’s paniolo town of Makawao. Come experience the fun and excitement of Maui's original zipline adventure at the Haleakala Skyline Tour!

Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure - The Kaanapali Skyline Adventure, located on Maui, Hawaii is an incredible eight zipline adventure that is conveniently located just minutes from Maui’s popular Kaanapali Resort area. This tour meets at our Kaanapali retail location, which is just outside Maui's historic Lahaina town and the hotel areas of Kaanapali, Kahana, and Kapalua. Guests are shuttled from Skyline's retail store into the rugged valleys of Mount Kahalawai (the West Maui Mountains), via one of Skyline's exciting off-road vehicles. From the tour site guests have sweeping views of West Maui, Molokai, and Lanai, and the Pacific Ocean creates the perfect backdrop for each of the Kaanapali zipline crossings. Zipping high above a mountain stream, and over two different valleys, visitors experience the excitement of seeing an otherwise inaccessible area of Hawaii and soaring high above it! A delicious breakfast or lunch is served on the edge of a 1000 ft. valley overlook, providing vistas of disarming beauty. Overlooking Maui's historic Lahaina town on the right and with incredible views of the West Maui Mountains highest point Pu'u Kukui - on the left, photo opportunities abound. Following the meal, guests move on to the second half of the tour with four more adventurous ziplines. The Kaanapali Skyline Adventure lasts approximately 3.5 hours, including all eight exciting zipline crossings, rugged off road shuttle ride, and meal served at the Skyline's private valley-edge location. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind family adventure on Maui, you have found it!



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Kauai Zip Line Tours

Kauai Zip Line Tours

Princeville Ranch Zip and Dip Tour offers a series of 9 ziplines covering a suspension bridge spanning a waterfall lasting around 4 1/2 hours. A delicious picnic is included consisting of grilled chicken breast or veggie wrap, potato chips and a cookie while you enjoy an hour at a hidden swimming hole where you can swim, jump or just float around on inner tubes. The final zipline “King Kong" is an adventure all on its own! First you walk up a ramp to a 26-foot high tower. Next you are ziplining for 1,200 feet, racing your partner side-by-side or maybe even holding hands! Princeville Ranch also offers a shorter Zip Express Tour lasting around 3 hours that consists of the last part of the Zip and Dip ziplines.

Participants must be 12 years or older. 80–280 lbs.; good physical condition with NO recent injury or surgery to feet, ankles, knees, hips or back. No expectant mothers. Hiking is rated moderate and is just over one mile.


Kauai Backcountry Zipline Adventures offers 7 ziplines descending one mountainside near Lihue.

You will begin with a fun and informative scenic ride in a four wheel drive adventure vehicle. Along the way, your certified guide will share interesting information on island history, culture, flora and fauna. When you arrive at the first zipline, you’ll receive a thorough briefing, preparing you to soar over tropical forests, streams and jungles rich with magnificent scenery! You’ll zoom down the mountainside, sailing along on a series of seven ziplines, as you make your way to the valley floor below. End your zip with a delicious picnic lunch in a bamboo grove and a refreshing swim. Relax, bask in the sun, or just soak in our natural swimming pool. Take one last dip in the water before heading back to home base! Truly an incredible journey which will leave you with vacation memories of a lifetime. The experience lasts about 3 1/2 hours.

Participants must be 12 years or older and weigh 100-250 lb. Not recommended for those uncomfortable with heights, or with back, hip or knee problems. Women in first trimester pregnancy may participate with written physician approval.


Kipu Falls Zipline Safari - The Kipu Falls Zipline Safari offered by Outfitters Kauai is an all day Kauai adventure at Kipu Ranch! Your day your day will include Kauai kayaking, wagon riding, Kauai zip lining (optional), trekking *Kauai Hiking), canoeing and a deli-style picnic. Three thrilling 800-foot ziplines over waterfalls and rainforests. State-of-the-art equipment make for a 100% safe "extreme" experience.


Zipline Trek Nui Loa offers a gigantic 1800 foot long tandem zipline
adventure. Soar. Glide. Fly. Feel the absolute exhilaration of soaring over the jungle treetops on our thrilling ziplines—each unique and distinctly different from the others! In Hawaiian, “Nui Loa” means “big,” “long,” and “a lot.” That describes our newest zipline adventure perfectly! Enjoy the pristine beauty of the Kipu Ranch as you zip above lush valleys and tumbling waterfalls. Take in the spectacular sights from a series of suspension bridges and aerial walkways. Step back in time as you hike through footpaths and irrigation tunnels, made by ranch paniolos (cowboys) more than 75 years ago!

You must weigh less than 275lbs in order to fit into the safety harness. The minimum age requirement is seven years of age.


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Big Island Hawaii Zip Line Tours

Big Island Hawaii Zip Line Tours

Big Island Eco Tours offers a zip line canopy tour lasting 3 - 4 hours consisting of 8 ziplines, 2 bridges (1 wooden, 1 suspension), 3 waterfalls and a cantilevered lanai called the “Mac Nut Hut” overlooking a 32’ waterfall on the beautiful North Kohala Coast.

Participants must weigh between 80 – 270 lbs. The tour is restricted for people with heart conditions, recent bone or joint injuries and pregnant women.

You are transported to your launching point from the Big Island Eco Tours' base yard in Hawi in a high mobility all-terrain six-wheel drive Swiss Army Pinzgauer up along the North Kohala mountainside for a 30 minute off-road safari. The first zip line, the Keiki line 200 feet long, is designed as an introductory zip line to assist you in getting accustomed to the "feel of flying". Three more ziplines will take you the “Mac Nut Hut”, a cantilevered pavilion that overlooks a 32’ waterfall. Here you will sit back and talk about your adventure while cracking fresh macadamia nuts and eating locally made baked goods and organic fruits. The last two ziplines are certain to take your breath away with views of a waterfall, Kohala Lighthouse, and Maui in the distance. The longest zipline being an amazing 1100 feet long.

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Hawaii Zip Line Tours

Hawaii Zip Line Tours

A Hawaii zip line adventure will have you soaring and flying like a bird above a landscape of scenic rain forest, an exhilarating memory of scenery that can't be viewed from the ground for the whole family that will last a lifetime. Zip-line Tours, sometimes called Canopy Tours when suspended above a forested area, have recently become a very popular vacation activity.

A zip line is a inclined cable hanging between the launching and termination platforms from which riders are suspended by a harness attached to a pulley. You may have seen a demonstration on television from coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics, This zip line was suspended in downtown Vancouver Canada, it proved to be so popular that the ride was extended for some period after the Olympics were over.

In Hawaii it is as close as you can get to being a bird flying across the top and through the jungle with little physical exertion under the guidance of certified professionals. Zip line tours are available on the Big Island Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

The zip lines constructed by eco-tour companies are high above scenic areas and are safety inspected to the highest standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). All safety
equipment is provided on site.

I recommend wearing long pants and shoes suitable for hiking, rain gear (just in case it is not provided by the tour company) also take along your swimsuit as most tours include an opportunity to swim in a secluded pool during which time a picnic lunch is served. You don't want to forget your camera either, just make sure you secure it to your person and it doesn't dangle while riding the zipline. Anything that falls from your person while riding the zipline will be difficult if not impossible to retrieve.

Hawaii Zip Line Tour Operators

Zip Line Videos

This adventure was shot on the island of Kauai through the Wai'ahi Canyon. Check it out!

The longest zip line on Maui's Skyline Eco-Adventures Haleakala zip line course. Yah, I screamed like a girl! Woooeeee!

Brian & Donna's 2006 Hawaiian Vacation Maui ZipLine Tour

First person view of Kauai, Hawaii Zip-line Tour

An exhilarating personal view of the Zip Line adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. This extreme ride will leave you breathless - and wanting more...


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Hawaii Car Insurance Requirements

Hawaii Car Insurance Requirements

Insurance coverage is not part and parcel of your Hawaii car rental rate.

The car rental companies instead offer protection plans that are differ somewhat from the conventional insurance plans offered by standard insurance companies. The plans offered by the rental companies are very expensive when compared with your automobile insurance per diem at home.

We suggest that you try to provide your own coverage through a third party for reasons of cost and you will know in advance what level of liability coverage you will have. The rental companies' protection plans offered are similar though they vary slightly in price and coverage additionally not all plans are offered by all car rental companies.

When you go to pick up your rental the location will offer you various types of protection plans. These are optional services that you do not need to agree to in order to rent the vehicle. You may decline their offers by initialing your rejection on your contract.

Hawaii Car Insurance Requirements/Limits

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability: Minimum coverage limits by law are: $20,000 per person injured in any one accident and, $40,000 for all persons injured in any one accident; $10,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident.

Car Rental Company Protection Plans

  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW/CDW) – The rental company agrees to waive claims in regards to vehicle damage or loss as long as you have not violated the rental agreement. Generally the rates for the Loss Damage Waiver plan ranges from $20 to $30 per day depending on the limits of coverage included in the plan.
  • Liability Insurance (SLI/ALI) – This plan limits your liability in regards to third party injury or property damage claims. Rates vary around the $12 to $15 per day and again the amount of coverage varies between companies.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection – This covers you in the event that you get hit by someone who doesn’t have the necessary insurance coverage on their vehicle. This plan is often bundled with the Personal Protection Plan.
  • Personal Protection/ Accident Plan - Provides certain medical, death and dismemberment benefits to the driver and passengers in your rental car and certain benefits for loss or damage to many of personal effects your whether you're in or out of your rental vehicle.  Rates are around $5 per day

Third Party Sources for Car Rental Insurance

  • Your current automobile insurance coverage may already cover rental vehicles when they are driven by you. Because the limits of the coverage are those stated in your policy please check with your insurance supplier. If rental vehicles are not covered they may have add-on plans covering rental vehicles or may offer general travel insurance plans covering all sorts of liabilities encountered while traveling.
  • Most Gold and Platinum credit cards include some collision insurance coverage for rental cars when the card is used to pay for the rental. Check with your credit card supplier to find the coverage provided.
  • Many Automobile Clubs offer travel coverage plans as well.

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Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas is special in Hawaii and honored in traditional Aloha Spirit.

Modern Hawaiian Christmas traditions are influenced by the Ancient Hawaiian New Year festival Makahiki. During this period Nov-Feb tribal wars were taboo and people ceased working to attend religious ceremonies and pay tribute to their chief or aliÊ»i. All the rest of the time was devoted to sports, feasting, dancing and generally just having a good time. In 1856, Alexander Liholiho (King Kamehameha IV) declared December 25 to be his kingdom’s national day of Thanksgiving.

Hawaii receives and displays the year's first shipments of Christmas trees. You will also see decorated palm trees and Santa and his elves in aloha shirts. A Hawaiian Christmas Dinner is often a community luau with a kalua roast pig and Xmas leis with flavors of candy, fruitcake, sushi, lumpia, tamales alongside turkey alongside the roasted pork.

Today, there’s no bigger Christmas celebration than "Honolulu City Lights," a favorite holiday spectacle put on by the City & County of Honolulu. Held at Honolulu Hale (City Hall), "Honolulu City Lights" features a 50-foot Norfolk pine Christmas tree, elaborate Christmas tree and wreath exhibits, giant Yuletide displays and live entertainment.

Hawaiian greetings during the Christmas and New Year's Day Holidays

  • Merry Christmas - Mele Kalikimaka
  • Happy New Year - Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
  • Angel - Anela
  • Candy - Kanake
  • Christmas Eve - Ahiahi Kalikimaka
  • Christmas Tree - La’au Kalikimaka
  • Elf - Menehune
  • Garland - Lei
  • Gift - Makana
  • God - Akua
  • Holly - Kawa’u
  • Jesus Christ- Iesu Kristo
  • Joy, Happy - Hau’oli
  • Love - Aloha
  • Mistletoe - Kaumahana
  • Ornament - Wehi
  • Peace - Malu
  • Reindeer - Leinekia
  • Santa Claus - Kanakaloka
  • Snow - Hau Kea
  • Snowball - Popohau
  • Snowflake - Hau puehuehu
  • Star - Hoku
  • Wreath - Lei

Mahalo Nui Loa - Thank you very much.

If you are going to be enjoying your Christmas Holidays in Hawaii and want a cheap rate on your car rental now is the time to make your reservation, time is running out.

Dec 15 to Dec 31 is one of Hawaiian tourism's busiest periods. Hawaii car rental rates may already seem high but they will only increase as availability becomes increasingly scarcer. The vehicle categories most affected are the vans and SUVs which are already in short supply.

Discount rates saving you as much as 70% are still available at

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Special Introductory Fare Honolulu Hi Oneway $149

Special Introductory Fare Honolulu Hi Oneway $149

Alaska Airlines is offering special introductory fares on its new daily nonstop service between Bellingham, Wash., and Honolulu, beginning Jan. 7, 2011.

Fares for the flights start at $149 each way for tickets purchased by Aug. 17, 2010, for travel from Jan. 7 through March 10, 2011. The airline is also offering four-night Alaska Airlines Vacations packages, including airfare and hotel, starting at $549 per person.

Tickets must be purchased by Aug. 17, 2010, for travel from Jan. 7, 2011, through March 10, 2011. Fares are not available on the following blackout dates: from Bellingham to Honolulu, Feb. 16-21, 2011; from Honolulu to Bellingham, Feb. 24 through March 1, 2011.

Flights are available for booking today at or by calling 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522 or TTY/TDD line 1-800-392-0228).

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Waikiki Catamaran Tours

The Spirit of Aloha will depart daily from the pier at Duke Kahanamoku Beach in front of the resort. With room for up to 48 passengers, the Spirit of Aloha will feature six daily tour options, including breakfast, snorkeling and sunset cocktail cruises along with a weekly Friday-night fireworks sail. Prices range from $45 to $125. Phone (808) 234-7245.

Hawaii's hotel room tax increase

The Transient Accommodations Tax or TAT, increased from 8.25% per day to 9.25% on July 1

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


July 18, 2010 1:00pm - 6:00pm. Historic Kailua Village Alii Drive Kailua-Kona, HI  96740.

Historic Kailua Village becomes a festive pedestrian-only walkway and marketplace. Enjoy free music, artists, and friendly merchants open for great shopping and delicious dining. At 4pm, there is a free Hawaiian music concert on the lawn at Hulihee Palace honoring Hawaiian royalty. Bring your own mat or chair and they will be checked for free while you stroll Alii Drive.


July 18, 2010 9:30am - 1:30pm. Kapiolani Park Bandstand Waikiki, HI  96816.

It's FUN and FREE Food Booths Ukulele Displays Enter to win Ukulele Give-Aways Free parking and shuttle service at Kapiolani Community College.

July 11 - Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival

July 10, 2010 to July 11, 2010 noon - 6pm. Civic Auditorium 323 Manono St. Hilo, HI  96720.

East Hawai‘i’s biggest music festival includes music, hula, arts and crafts sales, and food to attract visitors and locals to Hilo, provide a unique and authentic experience, and support Hawai‘i’s cultural practitioners and the local economy. Contact:

July 10 - 9th Annual Hula Ho'olauna Aloha Festival

July 10, 10am. Ala Moana Center, Centerstage Hula Exhibition.
July 11, noon to 6:45pm. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel Coconut Grove

Hula Ho’olauna Aloha hula festival celebrates Japan’s love for the hula in its birthplace, while bridging the two cultures through dance and friendship. Ticket information: 808-286-2178


July 04, 2010 3:00pm - 5:00pm. Kauai Hanalei Community Center 5-5299 Kuhio Hwy. Hanalei, HI  96714.

Award winning traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar & ukulele concert featuring songs & stories telling its history. FREE gift drawing. Tickets $20 ($15 keiki and seniors) Seating Limited. Ticket information: (808) 826-1469

July 4 - Lahaina’s Fourth of July Celebration

July 04, 2010. Free admission. Lahaina Library Lawn, Front Street 680 Wharf St. Lahaina, HI  96761.

This annual open-air celebration features musical performances followed by a fireworks extravaganza. The Maui Community Band will perform “Fanfare for Festival,” an original composition by New York composer Carl Strommen commissioned especially for the Maui Invitational Music Festival along with holiday favorites.


July 01, 2010 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Waikiki Aquarium 2777 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI  96815. Ke Kani O Ke Kai is a wonderful opportunity to visit the extraordinary and award-winning Aquarium, then settle on the lawn to enjoy live entertainment and a beautiful sunset.

July 1 - Maui Community Band Woodwind Symphony Orchestra Concert

July 1, 7 pm. Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center, Kahului.  Free admission. Concerts by the Maui Community Band are an annual Festival favorite. Lisa Owen is  founder and music director of The Maui Community Band.

June 27 - Kihoalu Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival

June 27, 2010 2:00pm - 7:00pm. Maui Arts & Cultural Center 1 Cameron Way Kahului, HI  96732.

The annual music festival showcases Hawaii’s masters of the slack key genre, in a free afternoon outdoor concert from 2 pm to 7 pm.  Event features arts & crafts, local food booths and festival music CD's for sale.


June 25, 2010 to June 26, 2010. Neal S Blaisdell Center Arena 777 Ward Ave. Honolulu, HI  96814. Tickets available at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena Box Office and Ticketmaster.


June 25th 7 PM. Fireside Stories in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Learn about the history, culture, and people of Hawai’i in this series of informal talks, sponsored by the Volcano Art Center in conjunction with Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. This month’s presentation is “Historic Volcano Landmarks” with retired Volcano Postmaster and long-time Village resident Kazu Okamoto.  Volcano Art Center Gallery in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Free;  Park entrance fees may apply. Call (808) 967-8222. or visit

Dr Beach Lists Two Hawaii Beaches as Top Ten

Waikiki's Kahanamoku Beach and Maui's Hamoa Beach finished sixth and ninth on Dr. Beach's Top 10 list of America's Best Beaches for 2010.

Pearl Harbor Extends Summer Hours

The Battleship Missouri Memorial and the Pacific Aviation Museum experienced a doubling of visitors arriving between 9 and 10 a.m and in response will open 90 minutes earlier through Labor Day. The new hours for both Pearl Harbor-area attractions are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Cheap Oahu Hotel Rates

Oahu hotel prices are down 3% from  last year as the island's economic recovery lags.

Hawaiian Airlines Starts Nonstop Maui-to-Vegas Service

Hawaiian Airlines will launch direct service between Maui and Las Vegas starting Oct. 3. This is the carrier's first-ever nonstop flight between the Valley Isle and Sin City.

The twice-weekly flights will depart Kahului Airport on Mondays and Thursdays at 8 a.m. and arrive at McCarran Airport at 4:35 p.m. Return flights to Maui depart Las Vegas on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:25 p.m. and arrive in Kahului at 9:25 p.m.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kona Jul 31 - Huggo's Wahine Billfish Tournament

Huggo's Wahine Billfish Tournament is one of the largest ladies fishing tournament in the world. The tournament briefing will be held at Huggo's "On the Rocks" bar on Friday July 30th at 6:00 pm.  The full day of fishing starts Saturday July 31st at 8:00 am, from Kailua Bay. This is a charity event in support of the Family Support Services of West Hawaii. Entry forms can be down loaded at

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hertz to Buy Dollar/Thrifty

Pending government approval Hertz Global Holdings will buy the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group for $41 a share, the two rivals announced on Apr 26.

Hertz Advantage Dollar Thrifty would obtain a 26% market share, currently Enterprise Alamo National has around 53% and Avis Budget 20%.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Car rental fees may be going up

Car rental fees at Hawaii airports may be going up under legislation heading for approval in the state Legislature.

The House Finance Committee passed a bill Friday raising daily car rental fees from $1 to $4.50.
The money raised would go toward construction of a $230 million rental car facility at Honolulu International Airport and an overflow vehicle storage facility at Kahului Airport.
Lawmakers and car rental companies say Hawaii's airport car rental facilities have deteriorated and haven't kept pace with facilities throughout the rest of the country.
The measure now advances to the full House.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Alaska Airlines Sacramento-Maui Flights

Alaska Airlines just inaugurated new daily Sacramento-Maui flights till Apr 11th.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Special Promotional Hawaii Car Rental Rates Apr 5 - Jun 15

Cheap rates on economy, compact and mid size car rentals for vehicles picked up between Apr 5 - Jun 15.

Kailua-Kona - July 31 2010 HEALING GARDEN & MANGO FESTIVAL

The 2010 Hawaii Healing Garden & Mango Festival will be held Saturday July 31, 2010 from 10:00am-5:00pm, at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Kailua-Kona. Full Schedule

The Festival will feature Healthy & Green services, natural products, and organic goods, massage and health practitioners. A non-profit section will feature community groups & educational presenters. There will be, kids activities, healthy food and family fun, with special focus on a zero waste event.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wailea Maui Movie Production

Adam Sandler is producing a movie in Wailea in April, "Just Go With It" starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Much of the filming will take place at a Wailea resort over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

14th annual Moloka'i to O'ahu Paddleboard Race

This world class race is now confirmed to take place on July 25th. The Ka'iwi Channel is one of the most challenging bodies of water in the world and the Moloka'i to O'ahu title carries international prestige. For more information see

Hawaii Biking Directions Now Available on Google

This new service's best results are for Oahu Island. The service takes steep hills into account, as well as bike lanes and bike-friendly streets. Get turn by turn biking directions. See trails and bike lanes directly on the map. Drag and drop points to customize your route.
Google Hawaii Biking

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golden Week Special Offer at Marriott Villas in Hawaii!

Spend a Golden Week in Hawaii and enjoy 35% off at three beautiful Marriott Vacation Club resorts. For stays between April 16 and May 16, 2010, enjoy a Golden Week special discount of 35% off normal rates. for more information see Marriott website.

Maui Voluntourism

Volunteering on Vacation is Maui’s own unique approach to voluntourism. Through Volunteering on Vacation, visitors are matched with volunteer projects that allow them to spend a few hours off the beaten path, to visit remote areas that are often not visited by tourists, to learn about Hawaiian culture and wildlife – and to make a difference on behalf of the environment.
Volunteering on Vacation

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kahului - 2010 Maui Brewers Festival

May 15, 2010, the second annual Maui Brewers Festival will be held at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. The host Maui Brewing Co. and other breweries will bring in their craft brew products.

In addition to craft brews, attendees will enjoy local food from many different restaurants and music from several different local bands, all in one ticket price. Tickets to this event will be available through the MACC soon. For more information, visit their website at

RSVP to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary with Hawaii Cruise

RSVP the company that created the gay and lesbian cruise concept is commemorating its 25th birthday with a Silver Anniversary Cruise in Hawaii.

The seven-day cruise aboard NCL's Pride of America departs Honolulu Oct. 30. It makes calls at Maui, Kauai and the Big Island before returning to Honolulu Nov. 6.

Fares start from $899 see:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alaska Airlines Added Hawaii Flights

Alaska Airlines launched service from San Jose, Calif. to Kahului (thrice-weekly) and Kona (four-times-weekly) on March 12.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proposed Airport Facility Surcharge Increase of 450%

Proposed Airport Facility Surcharge Increase of 450%

Currently there is a $1.00 per day fee on rentals from Hawaii Airport locations payable to the airport. Proposed legislation would increase this to $4.50 per day effective Aug 1 2010.

Car renters in Hawaii already pay 11.1% for a airport concession fee, some $30 million a year. Plus another $3 per day for the rental vehicle surcharge and the current $1 per day airport facility surcharge plus state taxes.

Car rental companies say nobody has to pay the $4.50 a day facility charge because residents and visitors can avoid it by renting their car from a company with offices outside of the airport. This may work in Honolulu but what about visiting relatives on other islands where all the rental locations are at the airport, locals account for 20% of Hawaii car rentals. Honolulu only accounts for around 25% of Hawaii car rentals.

Most likely the facility surcharge will end being increased to $3.50 per day increasing Hawaii car rental costs up to $500 million a year. Final determination will be by the end of the current legislative session in April.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oahu - Jellyfish Advisory

Box jellyfish regularly visit certain parts of the Hawaiian Islands. There was an invasion of some 600 of the stinging critters at Waikiki and another 75 at Ala Moana Beach Park yesterday. This invasion should end after today. Their next visit is scheduled Apr 7-9. Jellyfish advisories can be found at

Nuuanu Pali Lookout begins charging for parking

Visitors arriving by car are being charged a $3 parking fee. The new parking fee is part of Hawaii state government’s “Recreational Renaissance” plan. It’s a new state program aimed at protecting and enhancing the Islands’ natural and cultural assets, while collecting monies for their continued maintenance. Parking fees will be implemented at additional Hawaii state parks later this year

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Westjet Airlines announces new Edmonton - Kahului flight

The new service is nonstop between Edmonton and Kahului, Maui. This seasonal route will operate weekly until April 30.

Maui Wowie

This last week lawmakers in the Hawaii Senate approved legislation seeking to decriminalize (replace criminal penalties with civil fines) marijuana possession offenses.

Honolulu - 18th Annual World Fireknife Championships

From May 12 through May 15, dancers of all ages will come together at the Polynesian Cultural Center to amaze the audience with the art of fireknife dancing. This dance is one of the most intense, skillful and beautiful of all Samoan traditions. The dance consists of twirling a sharp knife, with both ends on fire, at high speeds and requires keen precision and acrobatic finesse. For tickets phone (808) 293-3333 or visit

Monday, March 8, 2010

WAILUKU - Friends of reefs getting online home

Coral reef-loving advocacy groups and government agencies are collaborating to simplify ocean monitoring programs in an effort to increase the participation of Maui's "citizen scientists. Residents and visitors can increasingly conduct reef surveys, water-quality measurements and other methods of assisting experts who track the health of Maui's near-shore waters and sea life.

The public is also invited to an educational workshop on the program on Mar 11th 6-8 pm at the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, 726 S. Kihei Road.

Fodor’s Announces New Photo Contest, “Show Us Your Hawaii”

Fodor’s Travel announces the latest in their series of travel photography contests, “Show Us Your Hawaii,” where visitors to will have the opportunity to upload and share their favorite photos of Hawaii with other travelers and the chance to win Fodor’s guides.

Continental Airlines Resumes Flights between Orange County and Hawaii

Continental Airlines is offering four-times-weekly flights between Orange County John Wayne Airport and Maui and daily service to and from Honolulu.

Kohala Coast - KiMOBEAN Announces New Location

KiMOBEAN will open a new espresso cafe this summer at The Shops at Mauna Lani on the Kohala Coast. KiMOBEAN’s dedication to Hawaii, the Aloha Spirit, and a superior cup of Hawaiian coffee perfectly compliments The Shops at Mauna Lani experience

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Westjet Airlines announces new Hawaii flights

Canadian Westjet Airlines is offering two new non-stop flights between Calgary, Kahului on Maui and Honolulu on Oahu. Service began this last weekend.

Airline Allegiant

Hawaii will be newest destination for budget airline Allegiant

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dry Hawaii Spring Weather Forecast

Big Island areas have received the most intense drought classification ever. South Kohala and leeward North Kohala are the hardest hit. Measurements recorded the lowest February rainfall totals since 2000. Forecasters are predicting below-normal rainfall for Hawaii through spring.

The dry weather is being attributed to ongoing El Nino conditions that are producing dry and stable weather conditions through the heart of Hawaii's normal wet season.

Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Longboard Events

The Extreme Academy, Watergate Bay have already confirmed six events for 2010

Oahu - TV segment showcaseing Oahu restaurants

The filmed-in-Hawaii episode of the Food Network’s popular TV show, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” will premiere at 4 p.m. Hawaii time on Monday, April 5.

Hawaii Cruise Vacation

Hawaii cruise prices are slated for a 7% increase in 2010. If you are
planning a Hawaiian cruise vacation book now before the increases take effect.

For links to Cruise Line companies and car rentals at Hawaiian harbors see Hawaii Cruise Cars

iPhone Reef Fish App

Reef Fish Hawaii new iPhone app features pictures and descriptions for 159 species common in Hawaii.

Book 'em, Danno!

Hawaii Five-O is comming back to TV. Scott Caan has just signed on for the role of  "Danno" Williams on CBS' remake.

Continental Airlines adds Hawaii service

Continental Airlines begins new flights from Los Angeles and Orange County to Maui and Honolulu on Sunday, March 7.